Director, ORH

Office of Rick Hansen · Richmond, British Columbia
Department Office of Rick Hansen
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Senior Manager/Supervisor

Business Unit:           Office of Rick Hansen (ORH)            

Reports to:                 Rick Hansen, Founder

Status:                        Full-time, Ongoing, Starting in January, 2021

Location:                    RHF Office in Richmond, BC (Temporarily remote)


The Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF) has an exciting new opportunity for an individual who is keen to make a difference and step into the most impactful role of their career to date. (RHF) is looking for an individual with exceptional leadership skills to join us in the role of Director, Office of Rick Hansen (ORH). This is a rare opportunity to work closely with a Canadian icon and advocate, Rick Hansen to strategically build and execute his global vision for a healthy, accessible and inclusive world.  


Rick Hansen (the Founder) has recently elevated to the role of Founder. As the Founder enters into a new chapter of his professional life, the next decade will be focused on maximizing his time and leadership activities towards his global vision and mission. The Director would be working closely with the Founder to elevate and magnify his scope of work where it will be most impactful.

We are actively seeking people with disabilities to encourage an inclusive application process. If this applies to you, we invite you to disclose your disability in your cover letter so that we can better accommodate you through the process.




Reporting to Rick Hansen (the Founder), the Director, Office of Rick Hansen (ORH) is responsible for co-creating the ORH strategy, managing the day-to-day operations and the ORH team. This position requires a strong background in digital marketing and communications in order to implement the new ORH strategy.


The Director, ORH is an engaging leader who facilitates the timely attainment of strategic objectives and ensures all activities are aligned with the vision, mission, brand, climate goals and core values of Rick Hansen (RH) and the Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF). In addition, the Director, ORH ensures systems, policies and processes are in place to develop and maintain strong customer business relationships and key partnerships to further the mission.


Travel (dependent on COVID 19) and flexibility with hours of work required.


WORKING RELATIONSHIPS                                            

The Director, ORH, reports to the Founder, manages the ORH team and oversees consultants and external partnerships. This position also works closely with the CEO and RHF team. 


This position has 3 direct reports: Communications Manager, Relationship Specialist, and Sr. Executive Coordinator to the Founder.


The Director, ORH, is the senior point of contact for the Founder with third-party stakeholders and supports the Founder by managing engagement with stakeholders to advance the Founder’s priorities. This position also liaises extensively and has complex interactions with corporate executives, major donors, executives at universities, hospitals, all levels of government, and community groups. 



In partnership with the ORH team, this position actively participates with Strategy and Climate. 



  • Co-creates and executes strategy; Supports/leverages Rick’s engagement to maximize ROI; understands RH’s role; identifies target opportunities against ROI; helps secure opportunities; prepares Rick for success in the engagement; supports the event/engagement; ensures appropriate follow-up; and measures impact.

ORH Climate:

  • Participates and contributes in regular sessions; develops goals; and supports, implements and promotes action plans.




  • In partnership with the Founder, co-creates Founder strategy. Responsible for translating strategy into operational plans and executing with ORH team;
  • Develops and implements a strategic communications plan with an emphasis on digital strategy for ORH;
  • Leads the growth of the Founder’s network through digital technology. Includes developing and executing a plan to engage new connections through social media and other virtual platforms;
  • Provides strategic advice to the Founder on key relationships and information regarding external economic and social pressures and trends; and
  • Contributes to RHF strategic planning and works closely with CEO to integrate with RHF strategy.


Relationship Management and Networks:

  • Cultivates a deep understanding of RHF’s key markets and the Founder’s relationships;
  • Supports the ongoing evolution of a strong partnership relationship between ORH, RHF and key partners and stakeholders;
  • Identifies and nurtures relationships with high impact partners and key influencers; and
  • Works with RHF to ensure the Founder is positioned at the highest levels of government, potential national leaders, corporations, major donors, foundations, and media to maximize opportunities.


Communications / Brand:

  • Oversees integration of RH message across RHF and other Founder Innovations which include:
    • ensuring RH is engaged in key events;
    • ensuring RH Story is engaging and clear; and
    • liaising with the RHF Marketing Communications team to position RH and key messages. 
  • Ensure integrity and protection of the RH Brand and that it is maintained at the highest level.
  • In partnership with the Communications Manager, ORH, and collaboration with the Director, Marketing, RHF:
    • builds the RH Brand through a variety of communications activities and extends into new markets;
    • ensures brand alignment between RH and RHF brand; and
    • seek opportunities to monetize content.      


    • Translates Founder strategy into an operating plan with KPIs and metrics;
    • Responsible for recruiting, training, motivating, coaching, engaging, developing, evaluating, disciplining, and terminating staff;
    • Responsible for the day-to-day management of the ORH team including:
      • providing support, leadership, coaching and general guidance;
      • setting priorities and annual performance plans for individual and team objectives;.
      • assess, discuss and support professional development needs;
      • overseeing projects and activities while monitoring capacity;
      • overseeing strategic use of the Founder's time;
      • evaluating speaking engagements and events to ensure they are directed towards major opportunities in alignment with strategy; and
      • ensuring effective succession plans for ORH team.
    • Facilitates regular climate sessions. Sets and implement climate goals;
    • Fosters a high-performance team environment in keeping with climate goals. Holds the team accountable for achieving agreed-upon commitments; and
    • Identifies, develops, and manages/oversees policies, procedures, systems, and protocol.
    • Works with the RHF Finance Team to oversee and ensure:
      • appropriate financial systems, procedures and internal controls are in place for the smooth operating and financial integrity of ORH and to identify and mitigate significant risks; and
      • preparation and management of ORH budget. 

    Performs other related duties in keeping with the purpose and accountabilities of the position. 


    Education: University degree or equivalent combination of education and experience in a related discipline.

    Certification/Designations: None 


    • Minimum of 10 years of experience with at least 7 years of senior administrative and supervisory experience in a well-rounded business, public sector, or not-for-profit environment at the senior executive level;
    • Demonstrated experience in digital marketing & communications, and developing digital networks;
    • Proven experience working with multiple projects and diverse deliverables;
    • Experience overseeing a complex executive office;
    • Experience with fundraising and business development;
    • Experience managing teams and budgets;
    • Strategic and project management planning and implementation experience;
    • Computer experience required;
    • Strong understanding of the digital technology, available mediums and social media;
    • Solid business acumen and proven experience negotiating deals and securing partnerships; and
    • Experience and knowledge of issues and information related to disabilities an asset.


    • Effective negotiating style and superior interpersonal and persuasion skills;
    • Exceptional collaborator;
    • Heightened political acuity, good political judgement and discretion;
    • Strong problem-solving;
    • High degree of professionalism, flexibility and adaptability;
    • Ability to lead and motivate a team, provide constructive feedback and resolve conflict;
    • Ability to build trust;
    • Ability to deal with pressure of competing priorities;
    • Ability to work creatively, resourcefully and effectively with a strong leadership group;
    • Ability to identify and take initiative in improving the business processes;
    • Ability to master detail, while understanding broader concepts;
    • Ability to plan and exercise control of human resources;
    • Ability to obtain and provide information effectively and with discretion; and
    • Ability and understanding to work with the utmost confidentiality.


    An equivalent combination of education, experience and skills/behaviours will be considered.


    If you are interested in being a part of our innovative team and are passionate about making a difference, we hope that you will consider a career with us.


    Interested and qualified candidates can apply quoting competition #2020-20 by Dec 11, 2020. While we thank all applications for their interest, only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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    • Location
      Richmond, British Columbia
    • Department
      Office of Rick Hansen
    • Employment Type
    • Minimum Experience
      Senior Manager/Supervisor